4 of the Best Healthy Eating Holiday Diets

Whether embarking on a multi activity holiday or a weight-loss retreat, matching the right diet to the right type of healthy holiday can have a great influence on how effectively you reach your health and fitness goals. Vital to learning a healthier lifestyle on holiday, whilst a detox holiday would require a cleansing diet, a fitness holiday would demand a diet to keep up your strength. Really feel the benefits of what healthy eating can do on a nutrition friendly retreat as we recommend the right diet for the right healthy holiday.

Eating for Energy

The BodyHoliday breakfast

Fuel your day at The BodyHoliday

It’s extremely important to give your body enough fuel for what it’s doing in the day. On an activity holiday you rarely stop moving, meaning you’re burning a lot of calories. Start your day right with a healthy breakfast of slow energy releasing carbohydrates, such as brown breads or fibrous cereals, to help you feel fuller for longer and give you energy until lunch. Consuming more calories at the start of the day also means they are more likely to be burnt off, and not turn into fat if not used up.

Try: The BodyHoliday LeSPORT, St Lucia

Set upon the idyllic Caribbean island of St Lucia, The BodyHoliday is the ideal destination to stay active and work up an appetite. Enjoy breakfast next to the beach and look out across the sea as you tuck into granola, fresh fruit salad and natural yoghurt. With a range of land and water sports available, from kayaking to cycling, fuel up for the day at a choice of restaurants serving healthy and fresh cuisine from locally grown produce.

Eating for Strength

Ibiza food

Pack in the protein at 38 Degrees North

On a fitness holiday, a fundamental building block to a stronger, more toned body is to eat plenty of protein. Protein is used by the body to repair tissue, so having broken those muscles down, you need to make sure you’re getting enough protein to build them back up. A good source of protein is meat, although it’s best to limit red meat, like beef and pork and instead choose leaner white meat, such as poultry. Fish, eggs, beans, dairy and nuts are also very good ways of consuming enough protein to get those muscles rebuilding.

Try: 38 Degrees North Fusion Fitness, Ibiza

Keep up your strength as you’re put through your paces in Ibiza by 38 Degree North’s expert fitness team. After an active day built around a choice 1-on-1 fitness activities, from kickboxing to beach circuits, it is important to replenish your energy stores and bolster aching muscles. With a choice of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine on offer, fresh fish, meats and bean salads will give you the protein you need.

Eating for Weight Loss

Herbs Absolute Sanctuary

Eat healthy at Absolute Sanctuary

The fundamental key to losing weight is consuming fewer calories than you expend in the day. By reducing your intake of foods high in sugar and fat, the right diet on a weight loss holiday can have a dramatic influence. By increasing your intake of lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, you will fuel your body with the key nutrients and vitamins it needs, helping you to not only reach your ideal weight, but maintain it long term.

Try: Absolute Sanctuary Weight Management, Thailand

Kick start weight loss on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand where Absolute Sanctuary’s expert chefs at The Love Kitchen create bespoke meals tailored to your weight loss goals. Incorporating a variety of superfoods, all dishes focus on being light, local and organically sourced, with punchy flavours coming from natural herbs and spices. Enjoy delicious and nutritious cuisine, safe in the knowledge that every effort has been taken to fit your dietary requirements.

Eating for Cleansing

detox Grand Park

Detox and cleanse at Grand Park

Whether tackling digestive problems or weight loss goals, a detox holiday offers a whole host of healthy benefits. Often mistakenly confused with counter-productive fasting (which can in fact deprive the body of essential nutrients which are key to the detoxification process) an efficient detox works to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and replace this with nutrient and vitamin rich foods. Promoting a diet full of natural nutrients and vitamins, a detox will cut out dairy, sugar, processed meat, alcohol and caffeine, in order to re-boot the body’s natural process of detoxification.

Try: Grand Park Detox, Austria

Embark on a cleansing detox retreat, set in the Austrian Alps where highly experienced chefs will prepare anti-inflammatory, low fat, detoxifying meals that will help cleanse your body of unwanted toxins. Upon arrival, you will have a bespoke diet formulated by Dr. Liane Weber that will optimise your detox experience at the Grand Park Hotel. Complemented by detoxifying spa treatments, return home with a healthy boost to your well-being.


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