5 Natural Ways to Enhance Fertility

5 Natural Ways to Enhance Fertility

Everybody knows it’s important to stay healthy whilst pregnant, but have you ever considered how your health affects your chances of conceiving? Saying goodbye to a bad diet or simply taking time to relax and unwind could really help your family blossom. When it comes to enhancing fertility, Mother Nature should always be first in line. Just for now, forget man-made solutions and try making small changes to your own daily routine. Make more time for yourself, eat healthily and get more sleep. You will be surprised how much of a difference it can make.

However, this is obviously much easier said than done. Restoring balance in your life can be challenging without the right support, so having a bit of ‘me-time’ on a wellness retreat could give you the boost needed to embark on a wonderful journey to a healthier lifestyle and a beautiful baby. From fitness and nutrition friendly holidays targeting weight and diet concerns, to de-stress retreats influenced by holistic therapies and yoga, a wellness retreat could offer the perfect opportunity to restore balance. Sometimes the simplest way is the best way, so give some of our natural ways to boost fertility a try.

1. Nutrition

Eating wholesome healthy food is essential in restoring your body’s natural rhythm and ultimately in conceiving. Learning to eat well is the first step to enhancing fertility as whole grains, vitamins, proteins and healthy fats all provide vital nutrients for ovulation and hormone production. You can seek professional guidance from a nutrition-friendly retreat to help you make healthier choices and teach you to fuel your fertility with deliciously nutritious meals as opposed to empty and harmful calories. Eat and cook your way to pregnancy and never underestimate the importance of a nutritious-dense diet to become the healthiest mother you can be.

2. Optimum Weight  

Optimal weight for concieving

Weight is heavily linked to nutrition and having excess or insufficient body fat can affect your chances of conceiving. Maintaining a healthy weight not only increases ovulation, but reduces hormone imbalances which is of vitally important for conception. Losing or gaining weight is one thing, but maintaining an optimum weight is quite another. Without the right guidance, it can seem impossible to achieve. On a weight-loss holiday, health experts carefully craft specific diet and activity plans so you can reach your personal weight loss goalsSometimes all you require is a little push in the right direction to become healthier and give you a greater chance of becoming pregnant.

3. Reduce Stress

Reduce stress for conceiving

Can stress really get in the way of getting pregnant? From everyday stressors to coping with the emotions involved with trying to conceive, it probably comes as no surprise that stress can be detrimental to fertility. Making small changes, such as setting aside time to relax or practicing yoga, can significantly increase progesterone levels vital for enhancing fertility. A change of scenery and an escape from home-life on a de-stress holiday can be useful, where holistic treatments, mind and body therapies and life coaching will help maximise your chances of conceiving.

4. Exercise

Exercise is the perfect remedy for stress and helps in the regulation of insulin levels to maximise fertility. Whatever your preference, exercise plays a vital role in a healthy lifestyle and should be a part of your life if you’re trying to start a family. Whether you prefer relaxing and strengthening with yoga, energising nature walks, refreshing swims, or even shimmying your way to a baby with Zumba, all come highly recommended due to their low impact. Experts on our fitness holidays, offer invaluable guidance on the perfect exercise regimes to become a fit and healthy mum-to-be.

Exercise for conceiving

5. Getting enough sleep

Listen up! When it ’s one of those mornings when you just can’t face getting out of bed, this may be the one and only time that you actually have a valid excuse to stay there. Studies show that at least 7 hours sleep is required to increase the chance of conception as it aids in stress management and hormone balance. This, coupled with sleep quality, is critical in enhancing fertility. If stress and getting enough sleep is a problem, there are many holistic therapies and sleep enhancement retreats available to improve both aspects with expert therapists offering support, aiding in total relaxation with advanced spa therapies and luxurious treatments. So, go and nap…it’s for the baby, after all!


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