Are you old before your time?

There is no denying the ticking of our biological clock, but why feel old before your time? The stress of modern day life as well as the usual factors, age, weight and diet can often make you look and feel years beyond your alleged age. 

The demanding hours hunched over a desk ensued by a full time job doesn't help the situation either. According to a new study, your profession could actually be a significant factor in speeding up your body's ageing process and be particularly damaging to the joints.

Professor Conaghan, an expert on musculoskeletal medicine, says office workers should get up and move around every 20 minutes or so, and make sure to pay close attention to their posture. Another way to prevent your profession from getting the better of you is to keep fit by having an exercise regiment that works for you, and by eating healthily.

Regular exercise and wholesome diet are well and good for getting you through the week, but every once in a while total renewal is required, and wellness holidays can be the perfect escape for healthy ageing.

Healthy and active getaways can have both physical and emotional benefits, whether it's just across the pond in familiar France or half way across the world in exotic Thailand. Whether you want to be active on holiday and learn a new activity such as mountaineering, kickboxing or tennis, or simply unwind in a spa, meditate or participate in a yoga class, detox or fitness programme, just getting out of your daily routine can do wonders.

After a wellness holiday you will return home feeling rejuvenated and revitalised, and ready to take on the world. The long-term benefits won't fade as quickly as your tan either, the lessons learnt whilst away about your body and mind will encourage you to adapt to a healthier day-to-day lifestyle.

Relax, let loose, and knock years off your body, mind and soul.

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