Where to go on Holiday for Spiritual Healing

Where to go on Holiday for Spiritual Healing

With the art of healing just as important for our emotional well-being as our physical health, the need for spiritual healing should never be overlooked. Playing an important role in times of emotional stress, bereavement, loss, mental and physical illnesses, our spiritual life is what drives our overall well-being and supports all aspects of our life.

With the power to affect both our physical, mental and emotional health, restore balance to your spiritual well-being as we round up our top spiritual holidays. With a holistic approach to wellness, learn a healthier lifestyle on holiday as wellness consultations assess your health and recovery goals, while meditation and yoga sessions combine with fitness classes to heal both mind and body.

India: Shreyas Silent Retreat

Shreyas Silent Retreat

Meditate in tranquil surroundings at Shreyas Silent Retreat

Hidden in the outskirts of Bangalore, this spiritual healing retreat provides an atmosphere of complete tranquillity. Offering the recuperation of body and mind on a meditation retreat, this spiritual healing holiday uses silence as a key tool for understanding and improving your spiritual health. As you focus on flickering flames during candle meditation, your mind will become calm, your body relaxed and you will feel more in tune with your surroundings. Strengthen your transformation with tailor-made vegetarian cuisine, created according to the holistic principles of Ayurveda, to re-energise for afternoons of yoga and cultural excursions.

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Sri Lanka: Re-balancing Bliss at Santani Wellness Resort & Spa

Re-balancing bliss at Santani Wellness Resort & Spa

Revive your spirit with a healing aroma spa bath at Maya Ubud

Santani prides itself on its back to nature and simplicity ethos that centres around finding a deeper connection with yourself. For a destination spa holiday with a difference, From deep tissue massages and Patra Pinda Swedana to Nasyam and Virechanam, this programme will rejuvenate your sensory system from head-to-toe. Enlighten your mind and energise your body with group yoga sessions, guided hikes and a dip in the thermal salt water pools. Recount your spiritual healing experiences in a holiday journal as you relax after luxury spa treatments, to reinforce happy memories and boost feelings of health and contentment.

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Spain: Shanti Som Healing Retreat

Shanti Som Healing Retreat

Heal with a rejuvenating massage at Shanti Som Healing Retreat

Experience the spiritual healing practices of Eastern origins at this peaceful wellness retreat in Spain’s tranquil Andalucía region. Begin every day of your healing holiday with a positive attitude as you gain an insight into your emotions with a soul reading designed to boost your self-esteem. Promote mindfulness by learning how to meditate and expel any imbalances from your body during soothing Reiki sessions that will teach you how to channel energy in a healthy way. Growing your circle of friends on a singles holiday, attend the daily group yoga classes on this spiritual healing holiday to surround yourself with like-minded, positive people.

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Thailand: Kamalaya De-stress Asian Bliss

Kamalaya De-stress Asian Bliss

Take the time to unwind at Kamalaya

Improve your spiritual strength and become more adaptable to change on a de-stress holiday at this spiritual healing retreat in exotic Thailand. Expert led bio-impedance analysis will assess your overall well-being, followed by Reiki or Pranayama sessions to explore your emotional behaviours and turn them into healthier habits. Restore harmony and build emotional resilience as you indulge in Asian-inspired massages and healing Ayurvedic treatments. Exercise is a powerful tool for boosting your spirit and mood, so enjoy morning power walks, group yoga classes and swimming at nearby Lamai Beach, to leave you ready to face anything life may throw at you.

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India: Ananda Stress Management

Ananda Stress Management

Find inner peace at Ananda 

Retreat to India to heal your mind, body and spirit on an Ayurveda spa holiday inspired by the ancient holistic traditions of its tranquil surroundings. Lifestyle and fitness consultations combine for an incisive assessment of your health and well-being, before you enter the peaceful sanctuary of the award winning spa. Restore balance on this spiritual healing holiday with grounding therapies, and harness the positive energy of semi-precious stones to rejuvenate from within. Personalised yoga and group fitness classes help you to de-stress, while cooking demonstrations and healthy living workshops teach you a healthier lifestyle to enhance the spiritual healing of your wellness escape.

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