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Here you can discover more about our team, what we love, our favourite healthy holidays, best spas, favourite destinations, activities and our top travel and health tips.


Paul Joseph  

Managing Director - UK

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Favourite Healthy Holiday: Kamalaya, Thailand 
Favourite Spa: Porto Elounda, Crete 
Favourite Treatment: Bolus Bag Massage (an Ayurvedic treatment) 
Favourite Destinations: The Caribbean, Ibiza, New York and Italy
Favourite Activity: Yoga 

Top Travel Tip: 
Support your immune system with a daily probiotic supplement when travelling. 

Top Health Tip:
 Energise yourself every day with a simple practice of pranayama yogic breathing exercises to increase your mental, emotional and physical health. 

Most Memorable Travel Experience: 
Climbing Petit Piton in St Lucia 

Paul co-founded Health and Fitness Travel to combine his passion for travel with health and fitness. Paul has vast knowledge and experience in the well-being industry and was never one for fly and flop holidays; he created a travel company that would appeal to both men and women offering a high-class personalised and seamless service to find people the best wellness holidays. Paul's other love is exercise, cycling and yoga and he also contributes to various high-profile media publications where he offers his expert advice on healthy holidays.

Jodie Craddock 

Sales Manager

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Favourite Healthy Holiday: Chiva Som International Health Resort, Thailand
Favourite Spa: Santani Wellness Resort and Spa, Sri Lanka
Favourite Treatment: Traditional Thai Massage
Favourite Destinations: Jordan, Sri Lanka, Thailand & Bali
Favourite Activity: Ashtanga Yoga

Top Travel Tip:
Make sure you’re not always seeing a new destination through the lens of your camera, take the time to truly appreciate your surroundings. The best way to get to know a destination is by taking a break from social media and chatting to the locals instead.

Top Health Tip:
No matter how busy life gets always make time for 10 minutes of ‘me’ time every day. Ideally, take this time in the morning and use it to meditate and clear your mind ready for a new day.

Most Memorable Travel Experience:
Hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro and floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan.

Jodie caught the travel bug at the age of 19 when she travelled to Australia on her first big trip. Since then she has been lucky enough to make a career out of her passion and has now extensively travelled in over 50 countries. There’s no better feeling for Jodie than visiting a new destination and experiencing the culture, the food and getting to know the locals. From backpacking to luxury breaks Jodie enjoys all styles of travel. She loves being outdoors, going for long walks and practising yoga and meditation.

Bethan Davies

Product Executive

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Favourite Healthy Holiday: Komune Resort & Beach Club, Thailand
Favourite Spa: Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda, Italy
Favourite Treatment: Back & neck massage
Favourite Destinations: Italy and Spain
Favourite Activity: Yoga and Kettlercise

Top Travel Tip:
Take pictures for the memories but don't forget to live in the moment and connect with the new environment. Treasure it!

Top Health Tip:
Disconnect from the world with a good book or yoga to give your mind time to relax.

Most Memorable Travel Experience:
Celebrating with the locals for Midsummer's Eve Fiesta at a local town beach party in Tenerife with a live band, fireworks and a midnight swim in the sea.

Bethan has grown her passion for travel from her time at University, studying International Tourism Management. She mostly enjoys exploring and learning about culture, heritage and combines her love of tourism and travel with wellness by her love of yoga and ballet. Bethan always enjoys a good book, giving her a mental break in her spare time. 


Hollie Bailey  

PR & Marketing Manager

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Favourite Healthy Holiday: Marbella Club, Spain
Favourite Spa: Borgo Egnazia, Italy
Favourite Treatment: Synchronised Abhyanga – a four-handed Ayurvedic oil massage
Favourite Destinations: Bali, Italy, St Lucia
Favourite Activity: Yoga at sunset

Top Travel Tip
: I always carry oregano oil, charcoal and probiotics with me when traveling to prevent illness.

Top Health Tip
: Start each day with warm lemon water to stimulate your liver.

Most Memorable Travel Experience
: Camping around wild animals in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Hollie holds a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Science, which took her in the petroleum exploration industry working offshore on seismic vessels around the globe as a geophysical scientist. Hollie changed her career to become a Naturopathic Nutrition Consultant and PR & Marketing Manager. She is passionate about guiding clients with long term goals to achieve their optimal health. Hollie has gathered a wealth of knowledge as a Project Manager, Health Retreat Manager, Naturopathic Nutrition Consultant and Wellness Ambassador, both in the UK and abroad.


Kayleigh Hutchings

Finance Manager

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Favourite Healthy Holiday: Florblanca, Costa Rica
Favourite Spa: Forte Village, Italy
Favourite Treatment: Deep Tissue Massage
Favourite Destinations: Greece, Caribbean
Favourite Activity: Roller Skating, Yoga and Cycling

Top Travel Tip:
Enjoy your surroundings by looking at what’s in front of you, not just through the lens of a camera and try the local cuisine to experience some great culinary delights.

Top Health Tip:
Eat everything in moderation as portion control is so important and make sure to drink plenty of water. Positive thinking is a powerful tool so look for the good in every situation and surround yourself with happiness.

Most Memorable Travel Experience:
Travelling around the West Coast of America with no real plan

Kayleigh has been an Accountant for over 10 years with 7 years’ experience gained in the travel industry. She lives in Kent and enjoy walks along the beach or in the woods and enjoys doing Zumba and Yoga and going Roller Skating with her husband and kids. Kayleigh loves visiting new destinations and immersing herself in the local culture and cuisine. Her passions include going to the theatre, cooking, reading and sewing.

Rob Clark

Wellness Travel Specialist

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Favourite Healthy Holiday: BodyHoliday, St Lucia
Favourite Spa: Borgo Egnazia, Italy
Favourite Treatment: Deep tissue massage
Favourite Destinations: Ibiza, Caribbean, New York
Favourite Activity: Football, sport, and fitness

Top Travel Tip:
Leave your worries at the airport and fully immerse yourself in the culture and environment of your new temporary home.

Top Health Tip:
Everything in moderation. Balanced diet, exercise, relaxation, and fun.

Most Memorable Travel Experience:
Visiting new Cities, especially New York, Rome and Dublin. The Natural beauty of the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Rob has a passion for Football, especially Tottenham Hotspur and can be found at their magnificent new Home most Saturdays. He loves travelling and experiencing new places and cultures. Rob’s favourite environment is anywhere with a beautiful white sandy beach, crystal clear waters, with his friends or loved ones. His other passion is music and he has taken on the role of office resident DJ.

Teri Maltby 

Wellness Travel Specialist

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Favourite Healthy Holiday: The Retreat Costa Rica
Favourite Spa: Aphrodite Hills, Cyprus
Favourite Treatment: Aromatherapy, deep tissue and head massage
Favourite Destinations: Malaysia, Hawaii, Spain, Greece
Favourite Activity: Walking, cycling, tennis, dancing

Top Travel Tip: Plan and research places to visit to make the most of your stay and pace yourself. Become immersed in the culture, people, their cuisine and delicacies.

Top Health Tip: Drink lemon juice with warm water to flush out toxins and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Most memorable travel experience: Walking behind the waterfalls at Canaima National Park, Venezuela and flying over Angel Falls.

About: Teri has worked in different sectors of the travel industry in between bringing up her family. Her Polish heritage has given her a natural interest in different cultures and whilst briefly living in Spain, she immersed herself and her young children in the local Spanish daily life. She loves sandy beaches and coves, beautiful sunrises and sunsets and enjoys watching all types of travel and food programmes to learn about places to visit, things to experience or discover. She enjoys walking, nature, wildlife and animals, especially cats and is excited about incorporating some new wellness plans into her everyday life.


Jack Shea

Wellness Travel Specialist

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Favourite Healthy Holiday: Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand
Favourite Spa: Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda, Italy
Favourite Treatment: Deep tissue massage
Favourite Destinations: Malaysia, Switzerland and Dominican Republic
Favourite Activity: Football and running

Top Travel Tip:
Be open-minded to trying new experiences. Soak in all the culture and make sure to take lots of photos!

Top Health Tip:
Stay hydrated and keep a balanced diet while away. It will help you feeling refreshed and great.

Most Memorable Travel Experience:
Exploring Malaysia with my best friends and learning all about the tea plantations and culture this special country has to offer.

Jack is from a sporting background and enjoys nothing more than a game of football. He loves to be surrounded by his family and planning adventures all over the world with them. Jack can often be found reading about conspiracy theories and history and passing on his not so useful information to everyone in the office!


Laura Burden  

Wellness Travel Specialist

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Favourite Healthy Holiday: Epic Sana, Portugal
Favourite Spa: SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain
Favourite Treatment: Deep tissue massage
Favourite Destinations: The Caribbean, Spain and Cuba 
Favourite Activity: Surfing

Top Travel Tip: Remember to take a jumper with you on the plane as the air con can make you cold.

Top Health Tip: It's easy to forget to stretch but it can lead to better posture and fewer aches and pains.

Most Memorable Travel Experience: Staying with a hill tribe on the Burmese Border. 

About: Having grown up on the Isle of Wight, Laura loves the sea and is at her happiest when surfing and windsurfing. She loves to be outdoors and also has massive passion for salsa dancing; we regularly have her showing off her moves in the office! She has been working in travel for over 10 years and loves exploring. She also has a passion for languages and is currently studying Spanish.